Quilters Wool Pressing Mats At The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store

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Wool pressing mats have become so popular.  To be honest, I thought it was just another fad, you know, like the rotary cutters!  Rotary cutters, cutting mats, acrylic rulers and templates turned out to be much more than fads and I am pleasantly pleased with the outcome.  Now we have felted wool pressing mats!  Who would have thought that really something as simple as a wool pressing mat would have taken so long for someone to discover.  I really was not convinced when they first arrived on the market that it would be another quilters accessory I would want or use.  I am now reporting that I am very happy that I now own a wool pressing mat and it goes with me wherever I go.  The beauty of using a wool pressing mat is that the steam is absorbed in the wool and it presses both sides of your fabrics at once.  You can also use a wool pressing mat on your cutting mat and it will not hurt your mat because it holds the heat inside the mat!  No more fabric or block slippage when you press on your wool mat, how wonderful is that!  Not only do you press your fabrics and blocks but I use my pressing mat to keep my block pieces together as I stitch them together and they do not fall off the mat and I do not have to use my design wall!  Click the link listed below to view a great video on wool pressing mats!
The Quilted Nursery Children's Fabric Store has just received Wool Pressing Mats from Gypsy Quilter.  Give this great new wool pressing mat a try, I guarantee you will love it.  Check out the great video we have included with this blog.  Let me know what you think!  As always, have a great beginning to your week!
Martina Rolando

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