Recreating With Reproduction Fabrics

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1930's Children's Reproduction Fabrics
There is something so endearing about the beautiful reproduction fabrics being designed again by some very talented fabric designers.  The functional colors and simplistic images help us to understand what life was like back in the 1930's and 1940's.  Unlike today, quilters and seamstress did not have access to the fabrics and tools that are available today.  Clothes were constructed utilizing fabrics from previously worn clothing.  Flour sacks were not only used to hold a household staple such as flour but also for creating clothing and any type of utilitarian household linens.  Quilts were designed and constructed using worn work shirts, pants, dresses, draperies, sheets and any other fabric. A pair of worn scissors, cardboard or paper templates, thread and needles were the tools of the trades.  What beautiful creations came from that era.  
We now can take a look at that era and have access to some very fun fabrics and create our own designs.  Today we have access to the internet, quilt designing computer programs, endless selection of templates, rotary cutters in various sizes and shapes and computerized machines who will cut out our applique pieces!  The quilters and designers of today are so fortunate to have these tools readily available but are even more lucky to have the capabilities to have access to our past.
The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store is so fortunate and excited to be receiving a fun line of children's reproduction fabrics from Nana Mae 4 fabric line from Henry Glass and Story Time fabric line from Maywood.  The quilt designs from these fabric lines will be everything from intricate to simple and all will be beautiful.  Stop by The Quilted Nursery Fabric Store and pre-order your children's reproduction fabric and start gathering your quilt patterns so you can put together a quilt reminiscent of yesteryear!

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