Classic Winnie The Pooh Fabric Makes A Come Back

Posted by Martina Rolando on

Classic Winnie The Pooh
I was thrilled when I came to realize that Winnie The Pooh was making such a great come back to young families.  By come back, I mean Classic Winnie The Pooh.  Winnie The Pooh and his loyal friends Tigger, Eyore, Piglet, Owl and we can't forget Christopher Robin are always off on an adventure which teaches our young people such valuable life lessons.  Don't get me wrong I love Winnie The Pooh classic or new, but there is something so endearing about the classic illustrations.  The anticipation of receiving the Classic Winnie The Pooh children's fabric panel and of course Classic Winnie The Pooh soft cloth book panel was more then I could stand.  The images provided by my fabric distributor did not do the fabrics justice.  When I opened the box there was Pooh and all of his friends.  I have to admit I did giggle when I saw their adorable faces.  The fabric panel and soft cloth book panel are so very perfect for a baby gift and so quick to assemble and personalize.  I was thrilled to see this wonderful children's fabric panel and cloth book panel and I know you will be as well.  
Take a step back into your childhood and enjoy Winnie The Pooh and the wonderful adventures he and his friends will take you on.

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